Business Logistics & Functions

Finer Points offers a full range of business logistics & function services to help your rental portfolio or association run smoothly.  These services include:


Meetings – We help to schedule, organize, and facilitate regular meetings for investment partners, associations, tenants, or homeowners for regular business, budgeting, and special projects.


Mail Service – We offer incoming and outgoing mail and mailbox management inclusive of sending mailings, compliance notifications, and processing inbound messages.


Phone Service – With 24/7 availability, your tenants or community will never be left without someone to call at all times.  From emergency service, to community reports, we are prepared to handle it all.


Online Communication – For a community association or single-location complex, we facilitate online communication with fellow neighbors to share ideas and post appropriate notices.


Updates – Stakeholders may be board members or investors, however they both have one thing in common: they must be kept in the loop.  From standing meetings to ad-hoc updates, we’re always a phone call away.
Elections – For associations, elections need to be regulated and reported in order to stay in accord with the association’s bylaws.  We have been managing the process for over a decade and can assure full compliance.