Other Services

Successful property management requires all-inclusive services.  Finer Points is a single source solution for all aspects of community and property management.  We offer a multitude of additional services to facilitate transactions, enforce collections, and work with local municipalities to ensure that you are always receiving the most favorable treatment.  Some other services include:

Resale Certificates & Closings – Issuing proper certificates, lien releases, and disclosures when a transaction happens obviates associations and owners from significant liabilities.  We can help put together a process to make sure properties are able to turn over quickly and efficiently without all of the worry.

Collections & Filings – While no association or landlord wants to face a collection event, delegation of the task makes it much less stressful.  Our process for collections, and legal actions to enforce them, ensure a fast and conclusive result so that you can get back to focusing on your ROI.

Magistrate/Township Hearings – Working with legal, zoning, and municipal authorities is often overlooked by property management firms or DIY operations.  These events can present significant opportunities for any landlord or association to capitalize on municipal projects, move things through the legal process, or change over tenants/property owners.  Rest assured that we will always stay on top of the law to make sure that it is being used in our clients’ best interests.