Vendor Management

Managing vendors that perform services on your properties is both time consuming and tedious.  However, most associations and landlords choose to do it themselves, for fear of being ripped off.  Finer Points has an owner’s mentality and we are constantly looking for ways to make your operation more efficient.  And why wouldn’t we?  The more we help your ROI, the more you can expand.


Economies of scale – Finer Points has established large volume relationships with some of the Lehigh Valley’s most prominent providers for roofing, driveways, plumbing, landscaping, power washing, painting, landscaping, and snow removal.  In many cases, our large volume purchasing arrangements can save you thousands.  However, we’re never beholden to a specific vendor and will always use one that you are most comfortable using.


Expecting what we inspect – Everyone knows the story, you hire a vendor just to have them come late, do a poor job, and ask for extra money at the end.  Not with Finer Points.  We are constantly on top of your vendors making sure that you are getting what you are paying for.  If you’re being charged for something, rest assured that we are making sure you are receiving it.
Here are some of the most recent contracts we have negotiated to help our clients:


Service Savings Comments
Landscaping $10,000 (25% savings) Better contracts with more services.
Snow Removal $44,000 (48% savings) 3 year agreement with no increases.
Pool Contract $9,000 (31% savings) 3 year agreement with no increases.
Insurance $3,000 (5% savings) 3 year agreement with no increases.
Printing/Copying $700 (23% savings) Improved quality and lower cost.
Trash Removal $1,700 (8% savings) 3 year agreement with no increases.